Friday, August 20, 2010

Hurkey Creek Vintage Trailer Campout

Here we are at Hurkey Creek campground near Lake Hemet, California. This is a vintage trailer rally, first time at this location. We were all in one big group site, about 40 trailers. There were mostly teardrop trailers but also regular trailers as well as tent trailers. Temperatures were hot but there was a nice breeze and the nights were nice and cool. Had a big potluck on Saturday. Good food and good friends is always a good thing. Note that the date of the post is actually the first day of the campout. I updated this blog posting after getting back home.
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Monday, August 9, 2010

Adventures in KAP

What the heck is KAP? KAP stands for Kite Arial Photography. As soon as there were cameras, people started trying to send them up on kites to get a view of the world they couldn't get from the ground. This is the beginning of my adventures in this field. My brother John actually built this rig for me. It uses a Picavet suspension system to keep the camera level and to keep it from spinning around. Click here for a short video showing the rig in action. The camera I'm using is a small Kodak PlaySport video camera. I'm trying to keep this as light as possible. this past weekend there wasn't much wind and what was available was "bumpy" so I didn't get any great video. I did upload part of one I did take where the camera rig goes for a spin when my kit overflew. Click here to see it. Will probably end up making a new rig as I think I want to make the angle of the camera adjustable. Some of the rigs people have made are pretty fancy and even include remote control for pan and tilt and camera functions. I don't think I'll be going down that path.
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