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Wrightwood Camping Trip 2011

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Julie and I took our annual camping trip to Table Mountain Campground near Wrightwood, California this past weekend. Normally this is a vintage trailer rally but the guy who normally organizes it had health issues so he didn't promote it. Not that many people showed up. I would have gone anyway since it's such a nice place to camp and get away from everything (well everything but noisy kids). The picture above is from Highway 38 where you turn off from the 15 freeway. The area is called Mormon Rocks for the sandstone formations that jut out of the ground in the area of the San Andreas Fault. Click on the link below the picture above for more pictures.

The first two nights we were in our reserved spot across the road from the spot I always want to get because of its spectacular view. Unfortunately that spot is not reservable and every time I've been there, someone has been in it when I got there. The past two years it has been a family with a lot of tents, stuff and kids. Kind of spoils the view but I was able to hike around them to see the view and the sunset over the horizon. They left Saturday morning so I quickly commandeered the site. In the picture below you can see my trailer in the good site and the site I had earlier in the left background.

As you can see there are lots of tall pine trees with lots of shade. The campground is all dry camping, no electric and no water at the sites but water is close enough and there are clean potties around the area. Heck, I can go three or four days without a shower as long as everyone else is in the same boat. Below is the view from the campsite. This view looks down to the west to Palmdale about 4000 feet below. The campsite is at about 7200 feet. The sun sets due west of the site.

On Saturday, Roly Nelson, his son Scotty, daughter Susie and her granddaughter Brianna arrived and were at the next site over. Roly is an incredible woodworker and has the neatest ideas for trailers. This super lightweight one he made actually stands up on end to store against the wall in his garage. The wings hold it up when stored. He's actually building an even smaller one that will be interesting to see.

They invited me to share dinner with them and I invited them to my spot for the evening. We got a campfire going and roasted corn and potatoes over the fire and Scotty made steaks on his grill. After dinner we enjoyed the sunset and then it was time for dessert which consisted of s'mores, BBQ bananas and gingerbread in orange cups. An awful lot of food. I ate way too much but was a lot of fun hanging out with them.

...of course Adam and Steve came along on the trip as they always do. Nothing like bringing a little tropical flair to a woodsy location.

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